Antioch For Asia Ltd.

"From Singapore to the Final Frontiers"

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In 1978 Billy Graham prophesied that Singapore would serve as an "Antioch of Asia." During the early days of the church, Antioch was a city used by the Lord as a strategic command center, sending those the Holy Spirit set apart to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom (Acts 11, 13). We believe Jesus has raised Singapore up as a leading global city to equip our nation to fulfill her call as an apostolic training, resourcing and sending center for the final frontiers of the Great Commission in Asia.

Antioch For Asia is a newly forming initiative of the Kingdom made up of individuals, ministries and churches who believe Jesus has called Singapore to serve as an Antioch for Asia. Together, we encourage the Body of Christ in Singapore to grow in her call to serve as an apostolic sending center. As a network we are dedicated to train, equip, send and prayerfully cover those the Holy Spirit has set apart to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom to the unengaged and least reached peoples of Southeast Asia (Matthew 24:14).

One hundred percent of funds donated to Antioch for Asia are used to send missionaries and equip Kingdom works outside of Singapore. Funds are handled by an outside accounting firm and overseen by a volunteer interdenominational Board of Directors who all actively serve in various local churches throughout Singapore. Antioch for Asia operates as an independent, nationally registered organization and is not affiliated with any denomination, dioceses, or other governing entity.​


We exist to equip the Body of Christ in Singapore grow in understanding and obedience to our commission as an apostolic sending center in Asia. To this end, we work together to trainequip, send and prayerfully cover those the Holy Spirit has set apart to carry the Gospel of the Kingdom to the nations. We are fervently asking Jesus to set apart 10,000 of his sons and daughters from Singapore and send them to the last frontiers of the Great Commission.

To the nations
Under the authority of Jesus and the leading of the Holy Spirit we are committed to equip, support and encourage those Christ has commissioned to the nations.

The call for Singapore to serve as an Antioch for Asia by biblical default is apostolic. Apostolic calls come with great authority and responsibility to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom through establishing new Kingdom works on the frontiers. The Body of Christ in Singapore has been entrusted to serve as a vital apostolic hub and sending center, now, and in the coming outpouring of his power. 


As Singapore begins to operate in greater levels of obedience in her calling as an Antioch for Asia, a tremendous apostolic authority will flow from this city to disciple nations. Training, equipping, multiplying, clarifying confusion, mediating conflict, shifting spiritual atmospheres, laying new foundations upon the Cornerstone, and disseminating Kingdom resources to nations, as the Holy Spirit instructs, will begin to accelerate and intensify. We believe Jesus desires to release a tremendous outpouring of his Kingdom and deep renewal of his people in Singapore, resulting in an undeniable outflow of blessing from Singapore to the nations.

As members of the Body in Christ we desire to continue to seek Jesus, and learn more about our Antioch Call from one another. We believe when different parts of the Body come together, in humility and the fear of the Lord, Jesus empowers all parts to speak. As each part speaks it brings a different perspective to the work Christ has uniquely equipped it to fulfill. The result being, greater clarity and understanding of the apostolic call Christ has given to Singapore.

During this season we must grow down in humility and together in unity. In his time, he will send us out in unrivaled power and boldness to display the supremacy of his name in all things to all nations. For Jesus is the Lamb who was slain, and he has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. As his Bride in Singapore, let us fearlessly go and retrieve for the Lamb the rewards of his suffering remaining on the final frontiers of his commission. He alone is worthy. 

board of stewards

Antioch of Asia is stewarded by biblically qualified leaders of strong character. They serve Christ in Singapore through business, finance, medicine and ministry and are not financially compensated  by the fund. One hundred percent of funds received are used for the training, equipping and sending of those Jesus has called to long-term cross-cultural works among under-reached and unengaged people groups of Asia.  

"And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come. 

- Matthew  24:14